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Cali's first day home

The ride home from picking up Cali in Prescott went very well.  Once home we were greeted at the door by our kitties Maui and Izzy.  Maui took one look at Cali and ran off to hide under our bed, her safe place.  Izzy took a few more sniffs and shot out the pet door as fast as he could go.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but Izzy surprised me.  I thought he would give her a little bit more consideration.  Well I'm sure they will both warm up soon.
Cali is very intelligent.  She peed on the floor and I wiped it up with her potty pads and then took her over to them and sat her down and told her, this is where you go potty.  She smelled it, and took a poop right away!  She has also picked up what the word NO means and she comes when you call her name. We are taking her outside to the grass area also and she does her business there.  It is very important to take puppies out every hour at this age to use the potty.  You must praise them when they do, and if and they will, make a mistake, just tell them No firmly and then take them to the potty place.  If you don't catch them in the act don't do anything else but clean it up.
She takes little naps in between her play times.  She goes really hard for about 10-15 min and then crashes hard. It's important not to wake a puppy up when they are sleeping, they need their naps just like babies.
She took several naps before we went to bed for the night.  We intended to have her sleep in the bathroom for the night, but I gave in and had her sleep with us.  I will go into that more later.

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