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Charlene is a great pet/house sitter! We were very happy and satisfied with her services! We have never left our baby Rocco (our doggy) behind before but this time we couldn't take him on our trip, so at first we were concerned we couldn't find someone we could rely on! We were looking for a reliable, caring and loving pet sitter to take good care of our Rocco and we were very lucky when we found Charlene! She was exactly what we were looking for!! Charlene did a great job and I loved that she gave us daily updates. This gave us a peace of mind and we could enjoy our vacation without worrying knowing Rocco was in great hands! She is a very sweet and kind person who did her best to make Rocco feel safe and loved! We highly recommend her! ~Patricia & Ruben

I have known Charlene both personally and professionally for several years. Professionally, Charlene cleans my home. In the past when I had my home cleaned we would kennel our 2 Jack Russell Terrier’s. When the cleaners were finished I would come home and let the dogs out. I did this also when Charlene started coming to my home to clean. Little did I know that she would let the dogs out to play and run around while she cleaned. I kenneled them because I didn’t want them to be in the way. Charlene is such an animal lover that she never minds having the dogs out and about. They can be a bit pesty and nosey but that doesn’t seem to bother Charlene at all.

My husband and I have had Charlene or her assistant Jo stay overnight to care for the dogs while we were out of town. They do a Wonderful job! My daughter’s dog also stayed here at my home 1 time so Charlene had 3 dogs to care for. She had no problem with taking all 3. She even took them all for walks which was above and beyond what we expected of her. As usual she surpassed our expectations.

I never have to worry about the care of my dogs when Charlene is here. I trust her and Jo completely. I trust them with the care of my dogs and  care of my home. I never give it a second thought that she would go through my paperwork or my cabinets or that anything would ever go missing.   

In closing, I would like to say that I am proud to call Charlene my friend and I would never hesitate to recommend her professionally, as a house cleaner, an organizer, a pet sitter or even a decorator. I have seen firsthand how she takes care of her home and she applies the same standards in my home.

If you would like, you may reach me via E-mail at or by phone at 602-697-4730. I will be happy to provide additional information or answer any questions, if needed.

Carin C.

Charlene has taken care of our dog Casey several times. She is very conscientious when it comes to our home & the care of "our baby". I was afraid to leave her for an extended period, but Casey did great under Charlene's care.  We have scheduled Charlene several more times to watch Casey because we are so pleased with her. Thanks Charlene, we never worry when she is in your care!!!
Margaret D.

Charlene is such a loving, caring person, not only to humans, but animals as well. We have three labs who just love her and get so excited when she comes over. We are extremely picky when it comes to leaving our boys with someone. From the minute I met Charlene I knew our dogs would be in good hands. She plays ball with them, gives them belly rubs and cuddles with them. She spoils them rotten. It is so reassuring to be able to go away and not worry or stress out about how the dogs are doing. She also takes them for a walk, which is a lot because she takes them one at a time. We would highly recommend Charlene. We were very lucky to have found her.  You will not be disappointed when trusting her with your animal or your home.


We looked up Charlene King's business on and interviewed her to come to our house and watch our dogs. We made an appointment to have her meet our dogs and she was prompt, professional, personable, and friendly and she seemed to genuinely like our dogs. She is very organized and runs her business like a business. We decided to try her out when we went on vacation and are we glad we did. She came by twice a day and each time she texted us and even sent pictures. Her communication was excellent and she would even do other things like water the plants and even cleaned up the dog poop. My wife and I would highly recommend Charlene and her service if you want peace of mind to know your animals are being well taken care of and there is someone you can trust. We are fortunate survivors of the Green Acre debacle and are glad we found a great solution so our dogs could stay at home and be cared for. Thanks Charlene!!

Robert D