Fit for a King - Pet Sitting - We treat your pets like royalty.
FAQ’s for Fit for a King – Pet Sitting:

Will you take my pets to your home, or come visit them in mine? I make visits to your home. This way your pets are able to stay in their familiar surroundings, where they are comfortable.

Who will be coming into my home? As the owner of the business I take a great deal of pride in my services.  I, or my assistant will conduct all Initial Consultations.  Currently I have three women that work with me. They usually cover the AZ area.  I handle the CA area and the overnights (5 days and more) in AZ.

What takes place during a visit with my pet? Visits consist of providing fresh water, food, and treats if you allow. Playtime and lots of love and attention for your pet is one of the most important things I can do to insure they are happy and relaxed. I will also turn on /off lights, open/close blinds, collect mail and take out trash/recycle on scheduled days. I clean up pet waste from your backyard and also during walks with your pet, as well as cleaning litter boxes daily.

How much time per visit will you spend with my pets? The minimum amount of time I spend with your pet each visit is 30 minutes. More time per visit can be scheduled for an additional charge. Overnight visits are between 12-14 hours and include everything that a standard visit includes. Full day/night visits are 20 hours, allowing me some time to run errands.

When I go out of town, how many times a day should you come visit my pets? If your dog is contained indoors and is dependent on someone to let them out, 3 visits a day is recommended. For dogs that have access to the backyard via a doggy door, 2 visits a day works well. For healthy cats, 1 or 2 visits a day is usually sufficient.  These are just guidelines, I am happy to adjust the number of visits to suite you and your pets needs/desires

I'd like to have my neighbor visit my pets’ part of the time, and have the pet sitter visit part of the time. Is that OK? As a general rule, I will not take pet sitting assignments where I am sharing the pet care responsibilities with a neighbor, friend, relative, or another pet sitter.  There are many reasons for this and we can discuss them.

Will you confirm my reservation prior to my trip? Definitely! A few days before you leave, I will call or email you to reconfirm departure/return dates and times and make sure there are no changes to the pet's routine, etc.  

Are you available weekends and holidays? I am available 365 days a year.  I have a schedule that I try to update once per week on my website.  If I am booked we can discuss what other options there are.  There is an additional 10% cost for holidays.

Do you require that my pets have their vaccinations?Having your pet vaccinated is a great idea, whether or not you hire a pet sitter. With the controversy today about vaccinations, however, I do not require proof of any vaccinations.   

Do you charge extra for multiple pets.?After three pets I do have an extra charge, this can be discussed at the meet and greet time.

If my pet becomes ill while I'm away, how will that be handled? I will collect veterinary information and discuss financial arrangements with you during the Initial Consultation. In case of medical emergency that requires veterinary attention, I will contact you (or your designated contact person) immediately to inform you of the situation. If I cannot reach you or your contact person, I will take whatever steps necessary to insure the well-being of your pet.  

What if you have an emergency and can't get to my pets?  .  I have three other people that will back up any emergency I may have. They are a great support system and all have pets of their own.

Are you available for times when I'm not on vacation?Absolutely! I can walk your dog during the day while you're at work, let a puppy out of its crate for a potty break and playtime, and check on an old or ill pet during the day. Also, if your backyard is off limits to the dog because of landscaping and/or construction, I can take your dog for a walk. I also care for horses and other farm animals!

Our pets are going on vacation with us, or we don't have pets.  Can you still pick up our mail and check on the house?  We sure can.  There may be a reduced rate for this, depending on your location and your needs.   

Are you available for pet waste cleanup only? Yes!  Please contact me to discuss details.  The price will depend on number of pets and how often you'd like me to come to your home.  

How are my keys handled? For convenience purposes, I will keep the one copy of your house key on file for future pet sitting assignments or in case of last minute pet sitting needs.  Having two ways to enter into your home is best in case of emergency so a code to the garage door is also a good idea.  When not in use, keys are kept in a lock box and in a secure place. Keys are identified only by your pet's name and not by your last name or address. 

What forms of payment do you accept? Cash, Checks, Vemno, PayPal.  I do not accept credit cards.  

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?Yes, my cancellation policy is in place because I set aside and commit my time to be available for you at your requested time. If you cancel with me, chances are I have turned away other clients. In order to best serve all of my clients, policies are as follows:

Overnights/Live-In3 weeks from scheduled date incurs a 25% cancellation fee of total. Less than 3 weeks from scheduled date incurs a 50% Cancellation fee. This is due to the fact that I must decline other overnight requests if I have held space for you.

What is the Payment Policy?A 25% deposit is required for overnight visits. First time clients are required to pay for services at the initial consultation after you have contracted me to care for your pets. 

What about references? I am happy to provide references from many of my happy clients!